[Webinar] Product Showcase: KLD Client Portal – July 28th,

[Webinar] Product Showcase: KLD Client Portal – July 28th,

July 28th, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

In today’s world, business intelligence is more critical than ever. Clients require immediate and on-demand access to important case information, and KLDiscovery’s Client Portal answers the call! Included at no additional charge with our offerings, this knowledge repository is accessible anywhere in the world, including on mobile, and offers a meaningful view of all critical case metrics, project details, and matter documentation.

Today’s webinar will be a detailed walkthrough of KLDiscovery’s Client Portal. A refreshing look into what a company can do by focusing on doing the simple things right – providing clients and partners with greater transparency and insight into their projects – accessing all matters in one interface with convenient point-and-click reporting.

Elevate the conversation with KLD – We. Know. Data.


Jim Loveall
Advisory Services Consultant

As a KLDiscovery Advisory Services Consultant, Jim works with clients to develop and implement cost-effective, efficient, and defensible discovery strategies. He works with clients preparing for litigation, responding to investigations or regulatory requests, and provides solutions that optimize technology to increase overall efficiencies and lessen cost and risk. He also partners with internal teams throughout client matters to ensure the most complex issues are defined effectively and solved knowledgeably.

Prior to joining KLDiscovery in 2012, Mr. Loveall spent ten years at a major global food company, where he managed the company’s global security investigations, as well as cyber-related matters and eDiscovery. Security investigations included criminal matters for cases of counterfeit and product tampering, financial crimes such as bribery, fraud, and anything that posed a significant or catastrophic risk to the company. The cyber investigations included managing all computer forensics globally, along with all the collection and processing of data for discovery matters and internal investigations.

His specialties include:

  • Discovery Technology and Services
  • Case Assessment Consulting and Data Culling
  • Machine Learning, Predictive Coding, and Technology-Assisted Review
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Elizabeth Larson

Elizabeth Larson
Product Manager

Elizabeth Larson is a dedicated Product Manager with KLDiscovery’s Legal Technology team. Along with the Product Owner, development teams, and various stakeholders, Elizabeth ensures KLDiscovery products bring value to clients and colleagues. As an efficiency enthusiast, Elizabeth seeks to provide tools to help users refine and simplify day-to-day procedures. She is currently focusing on delivering on-demand data visualization for projects hosted by the KLDiscovery teams.

Before working with the product team, Elizabeth was a Senior Project Manager for eight years with KLDiscovery.

Job Specialties:

  • Customized Workflows
  • Data visualization
  • Product development
  • Feature definition and prioritization
  • Training and new feature introductions

James Bickley

James Bickley
VP, Client Development and Market Strategy

James is Vice President of Client Development and Market Strategy and KLDiscovery. As seasoned business development and management operations executive, James helps lead the global sales team to develop and support client development initiatives and the strategic expansion of KLD’s services and critical markets through alignment, revenue acceleration, and accountability-driven success.

With more than two decades of experience as a business leader, entrepreneur, and consultant, James combines his industry knowledge with the experiences gained from executives, outside counsel, and government regulators to help identify current and future risks. To that end, James works with industry-leading professionals to help clients address and respond to these risks – with a strategic focus on data and technology solutions and services to help create efficiencies and cost savings across a diverse portfolio of legal and compliance initiatives.

His specialties include:

  • Data Management and Information Governance
  • Data Forensics, Analysis, and Recovery
  • Government Investigations
  • Incident Response – Post Breach Data Mining
  • Discovery Technology, Consulting, and eDiscovery

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