Two Easy Steps to Registry Recovery

Two Easy Steps to Registry Recovery

If you experience slow PC performance or if unknown errors pop up in the middle of operating your computer, then probably, your registry has a lot of errors that have to be fixed. If you have taken no steps previously to maintain the windows registry, it is time to educate yourself about registry recovery. Most computer users panic when they see the blue screen of death often and this is mainly because of erroneous registry. When you have any of these signs, these are symptoms of a bad registry and if you don’t concentrate on cleaning the windows registry, you will probably end up with a system crash. Thankfully, software developers have simplified the process of registry recovery requiring minimal intervention from computer users.

For registry recovery, you need to have the necessary software in your computer. Several registry cleaning products can be downloaded from the internet. There are free registry cleaning programs and paid premium products. It depends on your choice to choose the right product suitable for your computer. If you don’t have important information in your computer, you can very well take advantage of free products. On the other hand, if you are serious about protecting your computer containing sensitive data, you have to invest in buying a registry recovery software. Several products are available online and a wise step is to read the reviews before buying any product.

Once you have installed the registry recovery software, you are two steps away from recovering your registry. Irrespective of the number of errors in the registry, you can easily recover the registry with the use of the recovery software.

To start the registry recovery, you have to perform a deep registry scan with the software. Open the software to find a start scan or scan registry button. Clicking on this button will start scanning the registry. It is better to close other applications to provide the full system resources to the scanning program. Some recovery products will create a backup of the existing registry. This backup will be used to restore the system incase anything wrong happens in the middle. If you running registry scan for the first time, it may take several minutes for the scan to complete. Wait patiently until the scan finishes.

After the registry scan, the recovery software will list the errors found in your registry. Don’t be horrified when you find hundreds of errors. It is common for the software to find more than a hundred errors even for a sparingly used PC. There will be a fix problems button in the scan report. When you click this button, all the registry entries will be deleted from the system registry to clean it. Most of the software allows you to the selected problems will be fixed. You can very well let the software to delete all the errors because you always have a backup. You have to run the software frequently though not daily, to maintain an error free registry. After using the software, you will surely experience a boost up in the PC performance. All the applications in your computer will load much faster and the desktop will also be loaded quickly.

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