Thinking About Computer Repair? Here Is How to Get It Fixed

Thinking About Computer Repair? Here Is How to Get It Fixed

Having a broken computer can be pretty frustrating at times, but it does not have to be. All you need to do is to know the different problems that your computer might experience and what caused them. In this article you’ll know all computer problems and computer repair.

Common Computer Problems

Here are some of the most common computer errors that most computer owners have been complaining about for years; you may have experienced quite a few so you might be familiar with them, also included are their probable causes:

Slow Computer Speed – This is a problem that is usually caused by a full hard disk, or spyware; both of which are preventable with regular computer maintenance and protective software (like antivirus, anti-spyware programs.

Computer Freezing and Crashing – Most commonly caused by malware like viruses or spyware, can also be attributed to a corrupted registry. This can be prevented by installing an antivirus program and periodic checking of the registry using a registry cleaner program.

Browser Homepage Changed and Pop-up Windows Constantly Appearing – This is a result of a serious spyware infection. Most of the time if the infection is not too serious it can still be removed by a anti-spyware program, but in serious cases reformatting the hard drive is the last option.

Strange Noises – Might be caused by a dirty or malfunctioning cooling fan. Regular cleaning of the computers cooling system should be done in order to avoid overheating.

As you can see, most of these problems are preventable; you only need to do some maintenance work.

Can you do the computer repair yourself?

If the problem is not a really serious one, yes you can do the repair yourself. An example of a problem that you can probably fix yourself is the slowing down of the processing speed; you can solve this by just freeing up some space in your hard drive by either deleting files or uninstalling unused programs.

But for the more serious computer issues like hardware malfunctions, hard disk failure, basically anything that is beyond your comprehension should be left to professionals. If you try and do your own computer repair without the proper knowledge on what to do there is a huge risk that you might make things worse.

How Much Will it Cost to Repair a Computer?

It actually depends on who you’re talking to; some computer repair services charge per hour for their services, and there are also some who charge depending on the job that need to be done. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the repair that needs to be done the price could either be higher or lower. If the job is a simple one like a simple diagnostics test it would only cost about $25 max, but if the repair requires the technician to physically open the computer and actually replace some parts it could cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Why Not Just Replace Your Computer?

Because there are a lot of pretty cheap computers being sold today, you might think that it will be cheaper if you would just replace your computer rather than have it repaired. This is not really recommended because when you buy a cheap computer, that’s exactly what you would get, a cheap computer that is flimsily made and is almost sure to be broken after a couple of months. If you want a reliable computer like your old one then you need to spend a lot more money.

So in conclusion, computer repair is more cost effective than computer replacement; but of course you will not have to spend any money at all if you would only do maintenance work on your computer every once in a while.

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