The Importance of Data Cleansing

The Importance of Data Cleansing

These days a lot of importance is placed on the quality of data used by companies, and rightly so. It is one of the most important aspects of any business and staying on top of it is vital for a number of reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why it is often a good idea to consider data cleansing if you think that the information you hold is out of date or simply incorrect.

Maintain Your Good Reputation

If you have ever had a letter come to you with a spelling mistake, an incorrect address or other errors you will know just how annoying this can be. More distressing is when a company keeps sending letters to someone who is deceased, especially if the communication is regarding a bill which is outstanding or some other sort of demand. By carrying out some data cleansing you can get rid of all of the mistakes in your system and make sure that you contact people safe in the knowledge that you are calling them by their right name and that everything else is as it should be.

Save Time and Money

Another reason why it makes sense to improve the data in your system is that it is a waste of resources to work with bad information. This means both financially and in the time which you can lose as well. A good example is when you hold the same customer various times on your system with different versions of their name. You could be sending out the same communication to them a number of times for no reason.

Avoid Knock on Errors

The principle of garbage in, garbage out is one which it is well worth bearing in mind. If you start off from a bad place with your information that you can’t expect to get good results when you manipulate it. This means that costly marketing campaigns, for example, can go down the drain because your starting point wasn’t good enough. By carrying out data cleansing on your system before you get going you stand a much better chance of doing what you want to do and getting it right.

Don’t Let Time Take Its Toll

Even the best and cleanest data set gets sullied over time. This is something which is completely unavoidable. People move house, people die and companies go bust. If you try to rely on the same information for your business year after year then at some point it is going to stop working for you. In fact, you should think about giving it a spruce up every now and then in order to ensure that you are always working with data which is of a good quality.

Staff Keep Confidence

The final point is perhaps less tangible but it is nonetheless an important one. If the people who handle the data lose confidence in it the whole system becomes a lot more cumbersome. Suddenly they start double and triple checking things, they don’t trust what they see and they start making unnecessary changes. By giving them the right information you can keep their confidence high and make sure that they work more efficiently.

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