The Benefits of 19216811

The Benefits of 19216811

The IP address is a private IP address. What does it mean – you may ask. Well private IP are to be used in networks and not on the Internet. So basically your home computer can have this IP address as a default and the computer in the nearby Internet café can have the same IP. Will this cause an IP conflict? Certainly not, since these computers are parts of different networks. However, if these two computers were in one network and use the same IP address there would be problems. This is known as IP conflict and occurs because each device in a network must have its own, unique IP.

Private IP can be identified only inside the network. If we want them to be identified on the Internet we have to use NAT or Network Address Translation. What NAT does is that it will assign a public IP to one or more computers which are in a private network. It is interesting to know that private IPs can be used over and over again and by many different users but they have to be parts of different network groups.

Fortunately some manufacturers saw the need for communication outside the network and for that purpose they made a NAT which acts like a middleman between the local network and the Internet.

At first the IP was meant to be used only by one or two manufacturers. However, other manufacturers liked the idea and they implemented it in their routers as well. The number of modems and routers that use this default IP address is huge. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to use this IP no matter what. It is your choice. On one hand it is easier but it may result in some accessibility issues. With the increasing number of threats on the Internet many users simply like to feel more secure and this is the reason why they don’t want to use the IP.

On the other hand millions of users can say nothing but the best about this IP. It makes it easier to solve some networking problems, because the popularity of this IP is really great. Whatever problem you have just go to Google and type this IP address and the problem you have. You will be presented with thousands of search results and we believe that you will be able to find a solution to your problem on some forums, blogs, etc.

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