Securing Your Wireless Home Network Using 19216811

Securing Your Wireless Home Network Using 19216811

Quite often users skip the security part when they are setting up their home network. Knowing the risks of having an unsecured network we have to think more about it and actually take some steps. When it comes to securing your home network the default IP address can be used effectively. Most of the security tweaks can be done in the Configuration panel and as you already know you can access it by typing into the address bar of your browser. Once you get there you can do the following to increase the security of your home network.

Change your SSID. If a person who wants to break into your home network knows your SSID we can say that he is already one step closer to doing it. Use the IP address to access your Configuration panel and change your SSID into something more unique. At the same time SSID broadcast should be turned off.

Change the default username and password. Many users feel secure with the default settings and leave them like that. However it is strongly advised to change the default username and password. This is the first step on making your network more secure.

Enable MAC address filtering. It should be enabled as another layer of security. If you use it with wireless encryption, your home network security will be brought to a completely new level.

Enable strong encryption. Select and use the strongest encryption the wireless devices in your network support. This can be easily done in the Configuration panel and you can use the IP to access it. WEP encryption will require from you to change your password on let’s say, a monthly basis. In order to prevent someone to crack your password always use numbers, capitals and special characters in your passwords.

Enable your firewall. The firewall on your router and other PCs in the network should be turned on. You can easily configure your firewall by accessing the Configuration panel and of course you can do that with the help of IP address. By turning on the firewalls you can be sure that your network is completely safe from network intrusions.

Disable Auto-connection. Although this security measure has nothing to do with the IP it is still worth mentioning. Your wireless device will try to connect to an open wireless network. When this is done the security is very low. Check if you have any enabled connections and disable them.

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