Mozilla’s Roadmap for Firefox 13

Mozilla’s Roadmap for Firefox 13

Firefox 11 is the latest released version of the popular browser from Mozilla Foundation. This version offers two new syncing features. You can now sync Google chrome bookmarks, history and cookies with Firefox in addition to syncing add-ons/extensions between Firefox sessions on separate devices. Therefore, it is entirely possible to leave your workplace and find all tabs open and waiting on your home PC, so you can seamlessly continue any incomplete work. If you are a Firefox user and have any concerns with browser performance, get in touch with a third-party Mozilla Firefox support service.

Post-Firefox 11 launch, Mozilla has now laid out a separate roadmap for 2012. We will look at certain key points presented in this roadmap.

Firefox stands out from its’ competitors in its extensive customizability, which enables users to install third party add-ons, also called extensions, to enhance browser functionality. An outstanding issue has been the incompatibility of installed add-ons with newer upgrades to Firefox, which was resolved in Firefox 10 and Firefox 11. In the context of add-ons, it is heartening to know Firefox does not allow third party extensions to install other programs/extensions without user approval. Firefox immediately warns the user, should such an installation be prompted by the extension. Third party Mozilla help is also available for assistance with installing and customizing add-ons.

Mozilla also plans to enable silent updates in Firefox 13, which means, any updates to the browser would be performed ‘silently’, without any need for user intervention. Additionally, Firefox hotfix would download any new patches, without requiring a browser restart.

Websites are cashing in on increasing popularity of social and professional networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, enabling users to share their content on these sites. Firefox plans to follow suit, with a new feature to share links or updates directly from the browser.

HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS3 are the latest standards for embedding rich graphic content within websites. Mozilla intends to offer increased support for these standards for viewing of graphic-rich websites.

With Microsoft’s Windows 8 consumer preview now available to users and a commercial Windows 8 release in the pipeline, Mozilla has ambitious plans for a Windows 8-compatible Firefox version. The first step is a technology proof-of-concept to understand what would be possible to implement. This is also being planned in the 2012 Firefox roadmap.

Therefore, Firefox lovers have much to look forward to, in the browsers’ future editions. If only Firefox would improve on memory usage and browser speed! To get the most out of your browser, contact Mozilla Firefox support service.

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