How Will A Continual Service Improvement Certification Assist Your Career?

How Will A Continual Service Improvement Certification Assist Your Career?

The ITIL practices are linked with the ISO/IEC 20000 standards. A CSI certification will definitely put your resume on the global map. Since the certification deals with issues on service applications, operations of a project and promotes global ethics in work, you can definitely expect a boost in your career.

Let us answer the question in the title by very simple terms.

As a working professional, you will be on par for a project (full time or part time) of at least one project in your organization any part of the globe, don’t you?

Now let us look at the advantages of having a Continual Service Improvement certification in your career other than a hike in salary. If you are working as the project manager, after attaining the CSI certification, you will gain enough firepower in your skills to:

Ensure better performance of the team members by taking into account their skills and knowledge

Co-operation among various departments that can change the shape and efficiency of any project

Take regular assessments to ensure that the project is on the perfect line

Establish benchmarks or baseline measures so that the practices followed are in tune with the industry norms and eliminate gaps, differences and shortcomings within the process. In case of any errors, you can devise strategies and suggest improvement plans to achieve the goals.

Every organization will be interested in having your services as you will be better equipped to handle even other situations such as increase in Return of Investment, efficient utilization of resources, retention of valuable staff and perfect calculation of assets in any project.

You will have knowledge of the operating services and functions on different stages of the process work cycle; you can use them to manage ‘change’ effectively and deliver services required to the service owners.

It helps you prepare a report on the future abilities of the project you can take; by constant checks, you can review new projects and the firm will benefit by building a large customer base.


In case you just have one to two years of experience in any industry, then these advantages are for you:

There will be plenty of roles with which you can pay tribute to the organization which has given you a job. But the CSI provides a perfect choice of the profile you can fit into and choose to move further in your career. On the other side, you cannot excel in every role, and perform trial and error judgements while time flies on a fast pace.

Since you have gained knowledge of the key components in the project, right information can be passed to the concerned team members in case of any errors or shortcomings. This will allow the project manager to quickly eliminate the drawbacks, making you an asset to the team. In all cases, you will be following the Continual Service Improvement Model which is based on the questions –

Is the project on the perfect track as per the vision of the organization and is there necessity for improvements?

Where is the project at present?

Where is the destination the company wants to reach?

How can we make ourselves competent to reach the destination?

Are the strategies, we have in tune with the recent industry trends and have we reached our goal?

While the normal professional is busy trying the hard way to solve issues, tap the huge resource of knowledge inserted in the ITIL from a variety of global projects.

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