Get the Most Out of Your Kindle Paperwhite

Get the Most Out of Your Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s best e-reader for most people by a wide margin. Unless you are incredibly finicky about the technology of your e-reader, or if you really want physical buttons, there’s not much reason to spend the extra amount to get the Voyage. It’s light, easy to hold and use, while the screen is one of the crispest e-paper screens available to buy today. The main USP of the Kindle Paperwhite is the backlit display itself. It makes reading a pleasure and people read for longer than they normally would. It has an unsurpassed high resolution with print-quality text.

Protect your Kindle Paperwhite

After having bought the best e-reader, what is the next thing you are concerned about? Obviously, protecting it from drops, bumps and scratches. After all, your e-reader is one of your prized possessions. Don’t worry, Kindle Paperwhite Sleeve are the solution! They can either be envelope style or simply, sleeves with an open top. The Kindle Paperwhite screen isn’t covered with toughened glass and as such, it is prone to scratches. Amazon Kindle Voyage leather sleeves and Paperwhite sleeves will protect your device’s screen when you aren’t using it. They are slim, simple and professionally made executive covers that you can carry to your workplace. There are also many designer leather bags for Kindle Paperwhite available online that you can buy for those informal trips you are planning to take.

The different kinds of bags Kindle Paperwhite

Now you might be wondering why not buy a cover instead? Firstly, covers are heavy. One of the pros of your Kindle is that it is thinner than a pencil and lighter than a paperback. One can comfortably hold it in one hand for long reading sessions. The hard Kindle case will make reading very tiring for you. For instance, when you are travelling to a distant place and you really want to read to kill the time, you can’t possibly hold a heavy device in a single hand for hour’s right? Hence, using a leather sleeve is the right choice. Secondly, even though covers are solidly built, they might still not last for long after rough use. However, the leather sleeves are durable and only get better with time. They don’t get damaged easily and fit perfectly without adding any bulk to your device. Plus, they offer you such stylish designs!

Planning to buy one now? Yes, that’s a smart choice! You can take all your time and choose from the wide variety of designs that go with your style!

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