Get A Free Apple iPad 2 – Stop Listening to Music, and Start Actually Making It!

Get A Free Apple iPad 2 – Stop Listening to Music, and Start Actually Making It!

Many are familiar with the Apple iPad as a tablet computer that can be used for a plethora of purposes from reading the daily news and video chatting with your friends to playing your favorite games and surfing the Internet. You can also listen to your favorite music on the go, but what you might not be aware of is that the iPad is also a viable platform for creating your own music as well. With a great selection of iPad music apps that you can readily purchase from the iTunes App Store, you can transform your Apple iPad into an instrument, recording studio and music sharing platform all in one. Who says that starving musicians have to go hungry by spending all their savings, time and energy on expensive instruments, self-promotion and lugging around heavy equipment? The iPad is a cheaper, quicker and lighter way of eliminating all of those drawbacks.

One of the best iPad apps for those musicians who are just beginning to embark on their rock star careers is Garageband, which Apple users have primarily encountered in the included iLife suite on their laptops. You can now carry Garageband with you wherever you go, which is convenient because you never know when that musical inspiration will strike. The Apple iPad touch screen makes it super easy to take advantage of the drag and drop interface that makes Garageband so intuitively easy to use. It even comes with Smart Instruments that have you creating good music in a matter of minutes even if you’re not familiar with how to play the piano, guitar or drums in real life. Learning tabs isn’t a problem on this tablet.

But for serious musicians who are looking for something more hardcore, take your cue from the latest Gorillaz album, The Fall, that was almost completely recorded on an iPad. More than 15 different musical iPad apps were used to create this 15 track record, such as synthesizers like XENON Groove synthesizer and Sylo synthesizer and extras like Bassline and Dub Siren Pro. There’s an ever-growing library of apps catering to the modern musician’s needs, and experienced musicians are bound to find many viable programs at their disposal.

So citing your lack of funds or time as a reason to put off your musical aspirations isn’t going to cut it anymore. The Apple iPad is an affordable, accessible and all-around awesome way of translating your musical creativity into musical reality. And if you’ve already got one, what are you waiting for? Stop listening to music, and start actually making it!

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