FixCleaner Review – Is FixCleaner Safe?

FixCleaner Review – Is FixCleaner Safe?

Making a decision on purchasing a registry cleaner, such as FixCleaner, can be a time-consuming task. There are literally tons of different PC maintenance programs to choose from. Moreover, some of them are not genuine, trying to convince people to pay for a software which actually doesn’t improve the computer’s performance at all. This may lead to the following question: “Is FixCleaner safe? How to know it’s not another scam?” Here are three features which in my opinion add credibility to this software.

1. Transparent refund policy

Refund policy is an important feature to investigate. A high-quality product gives user an opportunity to ask for a full refund during a certain period after the purchase. Less genuine programs usually don’t give their users such option at all. Their marketing strategy is focused on convincing the buyer to pay for the product, without presenting transparent customer return and refund policy. And the sad truth is, that many people who also have less experience in the field of computer software, can’t suspect they are given a useless product – especially when it has a price tag on it. Everything seems safe, but after it turns out to be a waste of money, there’s no plan B. FixCleaner gives its users a 60-day full money-back guarantee, which is a standard element of an ethical customer service.

2. Low refund rate

Another common nominator that all genuine programs share, is that they all have low refund rates. It means that only a small percentage of customers haven’t found the software useful enough, and have asked their money back. After investigating FixCleaner’s refund rate, it turns out it’s lower than 10%. FixCleaner official website even claims, that their refund rate has never exceeded 2%. Nevertheless, this means that less than one person out of ten hasn’t been satisfied with the product. This is an extremely low number, when compared to many other similar softwares. It is an indication of quality and reliability, suggesting that FixCleaner is safe, and not merely a scam.

3. Live customer support

Having an on-call 24/7 techincal support also indicates that FixCleaner is a safe software. It illustrates that the company behind this product is taking their job seriously. They are constantly investing their own resources to give their customers a high-end service with live support. This feature is often a key element, distinguishing less dedicated companies from professional ones.

Three reasons which in my opinion suggest that FixCleaner is safe, are: low refund rate, transparent customer return and refund policy, and the presence of an on-call 24/7 customer support. It is clear that FixCleaner is not an almighty software, which can magically rejuvenate a completely broken computer which even has no connection cables. However, if someone’s looking to improve their system’s peformance, eliminate registry errors and protect their privacy, then FixCleaner has all the tools and credibility to expect from such software.

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